Cosmicleaf label dj / Ajana records label dj
Ilko Sarafski aka ZawHeR

"Ambientspherycal designer" is the rightest definition about ZawHeR

From his early age, ZawHeR , (ilko Sarafski), liked the music in all its diversity, as a sound and vibes. He has heard trance music for the first time during a visit to a friend of him. After it, he has started searching, exploring and listening everything related to the trance music, till the moment two years after when he found out the ambient sound. The ambient became as important as is the taking a breath. For a short time after he met a person who was willing to promote trance and ambient music through an internet radio. And that’s how they gave the start of Within every single show, every unique day ZawHeR became more and more obsessed with mixing, the magical vibes and the great opportunity which the ambient provided as a style. He started mixing a year after, under the supervision of a friend. The first party came few months later. Till today he has many parties behind his back - “Earthdance” 2006, "Earthdance" 2007, “Ambient night", "Artmospheric", "Revolution"... From the middle of March 2007 he became a label dj in Cosmicleaf Records. Not a long time after that in the beginning of November 2007 the dynamics and energy with which he does everything deflected him to another big ambient label - Ajana Records. There he kept on developing himself and searching new horizons for his dreams and abilities.
At the moment he is a label dj of Cosmicleaf Records & Ajana Records.