Martino Pingi

Born in Rome on the 29-th of September 1990, Martino Pingi grew up with a strong influence to many different kind of music styles thanks to his parents who had a very big taste in culture music and art aways traveling around the world and witnessing Legends as Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Queen, P. Collins and many others performing in one of the most amazing locations at the time. From big gatherings from the colosseum at Rome to Woodstock in America, Berlin and marvellous rock shows in London ... the list goes on!

In his early childhood he moved away from Rome to a small italian town in tuscany attending music school, learning to use guitar, drum, piano and flute. The Love for music was there and from that moment the search began for him to find his place and unique style. In 2006 that search ended and another one began when he found him self in electronic music. Percussive music full of synth and strange sounds that would raise the hairs on him had given a clear sing to trust his energy and go deeper into the search of his style. At that time the small area in tuscany did not have much to offer him of what he was looking for. In 2008 after 2 years of playing Dj sets he had the chance to gain more knowledge and practice joining a summer club Castiglione della Pescaia as resident dj. There he could begin to see and learn more about him self and the connection between the people and him gave the inspiration and the feeling that something new was on the way . That same year his first production with Ableton live was achieved. Even with progress he felt that a time has come to follow in his parents foots steps and travel for knowledge and culture.

In 2010 he moved to London where he could feel the true underground spirit that was in the air. Meeting his Bulgarian friend who had been living there since 2002 with love for the dark, deep experimental concept. They had the chance to continue their quest in the Capital for a rare underground experience in one of the most iconic places as Fabric, Cable, Crucifix Lane, Paramount level 31, Hackney Wicks warehouses and see the growth of many of the famous today london parties such as ,Toi Toi, Jaded, Half Backed, Undersound, Fuse and Legendary Superfreq and many others. Being able to meet the amazing artist of all those platforms for music and speak to them gave both of them power to dream even bigger.
Martino started to perfect his music using only self made sound, no loops / pre - recorded sounds were to feature in his live sets.

In 2012 after two years that he was living in London he made a connection with Ragazzi del' idro a small organisation that was trowing parties in Italy. They wanted Martino to play his debut Live set at their Open Air party " Light Night" with 3000 people audience in Orbetello, the same year they called him back for another event called "Park Fiction" one of the biggest Open Air in Grosseto with more than 4000 people, there he could test his live set and come to the realisation that he have reached another moment in his journey, it was time to stop working on live sets and begin producing his own tracks.

In 2014 he decided to move to Grosseto and begin to export what he had felt and discovered in London and the trips he took around Europe (Berlin, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Barcelona).

Naturally a family was formed around him, seeing him as somebody who before to be a great producer was a good person that will aways take the approach in life as: you do good you get it back it just good Karma. Wildbandacia was formed and qiuckly grew up to be GHETTO WILD as concept seen and created by Martino. People with love for music and art living and exploring ruff urban areas with a lot of freedom and a touch of madness & chaos in big cities where underground culture is booming but with their roots still standing strong for the wild, tropical exotic nature that he and many other have grown up in not forgetting or loosing their true essence.

His own UNDERGROUND party called ( Microners Long Play ) with his Crew "GHETTOWILD" in a smal club in Grosseto. Talented upcoming Producers as Samuele Generaly & Diego Navoni that his one of the youngest Producer from the crew and in the city, both brought their live sets productions to the scene every friday night.

At the same time Martino joined a crew called Otherside that was begin to play in the best Club in this area as Follia, Faq, Capannina, even helping to create one of the best summer Party in Maremma as "QuePasa?" @ Capannia where he had the chance to meet and spend time before to share the booth with name as Bart Skils, Butch, Giorgia Angiulli, Mario Piu, Romano Alfieri, Adam Port and many more ...
Now after almost 10 years in the making he is about to realise his first EP Called ( Sound Of Freedom ) and many more after it.
In the last few months ...

Continuing production of his kind of underground concept and vision, essential techno sound full of synth, powerful baselines with heavy kick and drums to really experience the raw/wild side of the music in his studio with various analog synthesiser as Acces Virus Ti, Moog Minitaur, Moog Arp, Mininova, Nord lead and plus Vst as Arturia, Waves, Izotope, U-he and more. Without any kind of loop/sample that are not coming from a laptop. For a better personal feeling with the music that will impact directly hearts and soul during his futuristic set of unreleased home grown tracks that since the early 2016 have been played in italy, berlin, london with positive promising future and feedback from major Artist and producers.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hello Martino and thank you for accepting our nomination to be Artist of the Weekend on EILO! We are delighted! How are you and how has your summer been so far?

Thank you all at Elio radio for nominating me as the Artist of the Weekend!
I am very good and with a big smile as I’m about to take on this summer weekend with you.

The Summer has been full of surprises for me so far... Many outdoor parties.

I had a chance to visit and play in Berlin. An open air gig with CLN Crew at their 4th birthday, after one of my favourite places, London. I lived there for a few years and going back now for a four a 4 hour set at Jack's House, with Diego Navoni, a young talented producer in our crew GhettoWild. Really good times, giving us new energy to continue the season here in Italy. We’re involved with club openings and parties we throw ourselves the rest of the time.

Tell us a little about your country and your childhood. What were you like as a kid? When did you fall in love with music?

I was born and raised in Italy!
Growing up in a small town in the middle of Maremma Tuscany. An Area with mountains, Lakes & Rivers! I was raised the music from Queen, Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Carlos Santana and many others of the great legends that my parents used to play at home. Most of whom they’ve seen perform live at Woodstock, Rome, London and Berlin. They had a love for music and being part of the scene in those days, legendary moments. It was passed on to me from an early age, this attraction for sound and music they had. I see it as something to laugh about now.

Who are your biggest music influences?

My early teenage influences are Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Limp Bizkit.
Later on I started to follow Artist like Richie Hawting, The Advent, Industrialyzer, Derric May, their gigs were where I was growing up. Time Warp, Kontakt, Awakenings, Ade, We are Festival, Monegros and many more around Europe.

How could you describe your style?

My Style is Techno, I produce Techno!
I like to make it by creating all the sounds with Electronic instruments. Moog Arp & Minitaur, Acces Virus TI, Mininova and more. At the moment my love and experience with music gives me the possibility to produce Techno with many different aspects and experimenting with new concepts. I feel that I have reached a point now that will only continue to evolve, being able to work and shape sounds in ways that are bringing my concept to the dance floor, Powerful baselines, deep synth & acid with modular, caring reflections of the 70s and current music. Industrial percussive drums give me the true Underground rhythm that I'm looking for when I'm producing in the studio. I love seeing people’s reactions to the latest techno & experimental tracks I’ve played at my gigs around Europe this year. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback and support from unknown artist and even from big stage names. It’s always good to get this kind of response!

Do you follow trends or do you try to create something unique and recognizable?

I don’t follow big labels sounds. I am always looking for my unique sound based on my feelings that I get while I produce in the studio. When I was younger I had the opportunity to work with many different styles: breakbeat, techno, tribe. I use a lot of these elements in my music today. I try to share my passion for a clean crisp sound.

Can you name some of your favourite Djs and producers? What do you admire about them?

Richie Hawtin is one of those inspirational people that have done a lot for music! He’s always pushing the boundaries and experimenting, bringing something new to the scene.
Bart Skils is another one, I am a really big fan of his Techno productions. He has been visiting Castiglione for two years now, dropping really powerful Dj sets in our Open Air @Capaninna for the (Que Pasa Party), I had the pleasure of meeting him and sharing the booth, we played really well together.
A few other to names too: Enrico Sangiuliano, Oliver Hutman, Matt Sassari, Jhonny Kaos, Citizen Kain, Torsten Kanzler, Angy Kore, John Gaiser, The Avent !

Do you think the Djs should address something with their music?

Advocate maybe but mostly I see it as inspiration, people should be inspired by music! We had the pleasure of hosting Adam Port as special guest in Que Pasa as a recent example. His set connected deeply with the people here! An extraordinary reaction was felt …

What is your vison of a great party? How would you describe it?

My vision of a great party, I’d like to throw, is a cross between London, Berlin & Italy at the moment! All those places add a lot to essence and feeling to the underground scene. London underground vibes combined with Berlin's freedom. Recently I was there at an illegal rave in Berlin, with police presence at the, they weren’t shutting the party down but being really cool about it. They didn’t stress anybody out and then they just left. I saw this a few times when I was there. The energy I have back home from the people here would be another aspect I’d like to have at this party. I’d also like a big sound system, dark rooms or wild locations. A good combination of artists from around Europe that I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with.

Tell us about your future plans. Where can we catch you this Summer? Any productions?

My Future plans are to continue organising parties here in Italy and around Europe, playing and producing with My GHETTO WILD crew & all the people from the scene, showing love for what we love most.
This summer a lot of things are happening, I’m traveling around Europe, next week we are in Amsterdam to visit Voltt Festival and catch up with Bart Skils there! At the moment I am in Castiglione, @ Capaninna every week as Resident Dj with a few other party's around the area that I do myself apart from the big ''club''. I am even planning a festival for the end of the Summer her. Our Wild Crew is in the works ... I am always producing in my spare time. Production is coming along well; I always have the chance to test my new Promos with Major Artist. There will be some of those unreleased ones in my Dj set for EilO Radio. I am going to release my Debut EP soon, look out for it! The material I have am bringing to the scene is very unique. I’m looking forward to seeing techno lovers’ reactions on a bigger scale!

EILO wishes you all the best and we hope to hear from you again soon.