Gerardo Boscarino

Gerardo Boscarino is a dj/producer from Tucuman, Argentina, born in 1980.

Started out djing as a resident at 2 clubs that basically started the scene in Tucuman, called Nocturno and Tjanaima, untill they closed their doors. Nowadays he resides at La Boite, also in Tucuman but spends most of the time travelling arround the world playing at some of the most reknowned venues.

Also a Producer, Gerardo has released so far tunes on Acute, Bellarine, Composure, FeralCode, Cerulean, Frisky Records, Area Sur, and the are plenty more on the way.....
Every Wednesday of the month, Gerardo hosts De Ushuaia a La Quiaca, on Frisky Radio.

+ Gerardo Boscarino & Fede Monachesi - Was about time [Area Sur]
Release Date: February 2009

+ Niko Fantin - Blue magik [Frisky]
Release Date: October 2008

+ Gerardo Boscarino - Thus spoke the dark lord [Soundtribe]
Release Date: May 2008

+ Facu Cruz - El Eternauta (Gerardo Boscarino remix) [Bit Mexico]
Release Date: May 2008

+ Stereo K - Shape Me (Gerardo Boscarino remix) [Composure]
Release Date: June 2007

+ Facundo Mohrr - Aime Paine (Gerardo Boscarino Breaks mix) [Bellarine]
Release Date: April 2007

+ M&D Substance - Permanent Marker (Gerardo Boscarino Remix) [Feral Code]
Release Date: December 2006

+ Gerardo Boscarino – Cecilya (with remix from Nicholas Van Orton) [Acute Recordings]
Release Date: October 2006

+ Gerardo Boscarino - Sidera (with remix from Federico Monachesi) [unsigned]

+ Gerardo Boscarino – Pai Mei (with remixes from J Tesei & Marcelo Vasami) [unsigned]

+ Gerardo Boscarino – Hieros Gamos [unsigned]