Ed Marco

Fiasco resident Ed Marco has been involved in the Glasgow club scene since the late nineties and has played alongside some of the biggest names in the underground house scene, such as DJ Heather, Johnny Fiasco, Miss Honey Dijon, Inland Knights, Jason Hodges and Phil Weeks to name but a few.

Ed’s also hosts Fiasco Radio, a worldwide show broadcast live from the club every month on Florida based radio station, www.chicagohousefm.com. He is one of only a handful of promoters pushing the Chicago House scene in Scotland and is known for bringing the world’s finest underground house DJ’s to Glasgow for up close and personal events in the cities most intimate venues.

Ed’s music style is an upbeat blend of deep, jackin, techy funk which guarantees to get the dance floor moving every time.

Fiasco has gained a lot of international exposure through the online promotion of their events and their live guest mixes, which are downloaded in their thousands from the Fiasco website www.fiascoevents.com
If you’re planning a trip to Glasgow, make sure there is a Fiasco on while you are in town. You do not want to miss this party!