Dj Max Dreamer

Dj Max Dreamer (real name - Chudnov Maxim, born in 1981) is a 26 years old man from
Moscow (Russian Federation).
His first "music love" was Happy Hardcore, later -
different styles of Trance & House music (acid, hard, progressive, goa, psy). There
were periods in his life when he liked to listen to Drum`n`Bass, Breaks, Rap and
even Alternative Rock music. But in 2007 something changed in his mind and life.
He began to listen to only slow and atmo, intellectual and relaxing styles of music
(chill-out, ambient, new age, downtempo, lounge, psy ambient, psy chill and so on)
and not only to listen, but try to make his own mixes and compilations.